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Open Archive
May 24, 2023  10 

Due to personal reasons our site will no longer be updated. The site will remain online so you can still have a resource for Hunter! If things change I may come back to the site in the future.

“The Professional Bridesmaid” Photos
April 04, 2023  29 

I’ve added stills, promotional photos, and posters of Hunter in The Professional Bridesmaid. The movie premieres Saturday, April 8, 8/7c on Hallmark Channel!

When a Professional Bridesmaid books a high-profile wedding, she must keep her true identity a secret, not only from the wedding party, but also from the handsome reporter covering the event.

“Hollywood Heights” Part 2 HD Captures
March 19, 2023  45 

I’ve added HD screencaps of Hunter in episodes 1×11-1×44 of Hollywood Heights. The last batch will be up soon!

New Project: The Professional Bridesmaid
February 24, 2023  46 

Hunter will star in Hallmark Channel’s new movie, The Professional Bridesmaid! The film, part of five originals premiering as part of Hallmark Channel’s “Spring Into Love” lineup, debuts Saturday, April 8th.

Years ago, Maggie Bailey (King) realized she had a particular skill set for being an ace bridesmaid — and she went pro. Now she uses her talents to help brides navigate the tricky emotional and social dynamics that go along with planning their big day in addition to the practical. Her latest client, Alexis Shepard (Francesca Bianchi), is the daughter of Columbus’ mayor who is up for re-election. Alexis’ wedding promises to be the event of the summer with lots of scrutiny, so the mayor’s team hires Maggie to join the bridal party and help keep everything on track. But no one can know that Maggie is a hired bridesmaid, so she is introduced as Alexis’ old friend Maisie. Unfortunately, Henry Whittington (Massey), an ambitious local reporter assigned to the society story is sniffing around hoping to get close to the mayor for a scoop on the pending development of local park land. To pull off her assignment, Maggie must coordinate three unhelpful bridesmaids and keep Henry focused on the wedding while hiding her identity, even as she begins to grow closer to him.

“Give Me Your Eyes” Poster, Stills, & Trailer
February 09, 2023  64 

Hunter’s newest movie is coming out soon! I’ve added a poster, still, and HD captures of the trailer for “Give Me Your Eyes”. You can watch the trailer here.

An agoraphobic young woman must remotely aid a mysterious girl being pursued by a pair of unstoppable killers.


New Design/Revolve x AT&T Present Revolve Winterland
January 15, 2023  59 

We have a gorgeous new design thanks to Megan for the header and Designs by KaciElizabeth for the coding! I hope that you love it as much as I do. Hunter also attended Revolve x AT&T Present Revolve Winterland back in December. I’ve added photos to our gallery!


“Hollywood Heights” Part 1 HD Captures & More
January 04, 2023  58 

I’ve added HD screencaps of Hunter in volume 1 of Hollywood Heights. I also added some promotional photos from the show.

Loren strikes up a friendship with rock superstar Eddie Duran that eventually buds into something more – even with the conniving Chloe scheming around. Will true love win out over career changes, continuous setbacks and all the deception?

“A Royal Corgi Christmas” Photos
December 14, 2022  57 

Happy holidays! Today, I’ve added screencaps, stills, promotional photos, and posters of Hunter in A Royal Corgi Christmas.

Prince Edmond hopes to win his mother’s love back with the gift of an adorable but unruly corgi. He hires American dog trainer Cecily to make the corgi presentable for the annual Christmas ball.

Hunter on Hallmark Happenings Podcast
June 04, 2022  60 

Hidden Gems premieres tonight on Hallmark Channel! Hunter recently appeared on Hallmark Happenings Podcast. Watch below:

Hunter King Tells All on ‘Hidden Gems’
June 04, 2022  62 

Hidden Gems is kicking off Hallmark’s “Summer Nights” series for June 2022 and you can catch it on Saturday night (June 4) at 8/7c.

The film follows Addie (King), who loses her grandmother’s ring in the waters of Hawaii while prepping for her sister’s wedding. She hires sailor Jack (Beau Mirchoff) to scuba dive with her to find it and rediscovers her love of the sea.

Hunter filmed the movie on location in Hawaii and she told us about the most memorable parts of filming there, the A-List celeb who visited the set, and how the sister relationship in the movie mirrors her relationship with sisters Kelli and Joey King.

Just Jared: What was the most memorable part of being in Hawaii to film Hidden Gems?

Hunter King: Getting to film in Hawaii was hands down one of the coolest experiences I’ve had. My second day there I was driving to a wardrobe fitting and I missed my freeway exit and suddenly there wouldn’t be an exit for 11 miles. So for 11 miles I was driving through the mountains surrounded by jungle and I just started laughing. It didn’t even feel real! I’ve never been lost in a more beautiful place and I was just feeling so grateful and giddy to be lucky enough to be where I was. But having family and my best friends come visit me was definitely a major highlight for me.

JJ: The movie follows your character going to Hawaii for her sister’s wedding. How does your real-life relationship with your sisters differ or relate to the relationship between the characters?

HK: I’m extremely close with both of my sisters, so it comes as no surprise that one of the things I loved so much about this story is the relationship that Addie and her sister Kate have. It reminds me so much of the relationship I have with my sisters cause we really are the best of friends. As soon as I met Eliza who plays Kate, I felt an instant bond with her. She’s actually become one of my best friends and is kinda like another real life older sister to me. Art imitating life!

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